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59 DRAMA TIN BUCKET DRUM By Neil Coppen Directed by Jade Bowers Featuring Warona Seane and Matthew MacFarlane St. Andrews Hall 08 JULY 1230 09 JULY 1630 10 JULY 2230 11 JULY 2030 12 JULY 1200 UJ Con Cowan Theatre from 1122 AUGUST 2000 A fresh twist on the traditional conventions of African storytelling the play follows the story of Nomvula a spirited child born with a revolutionary heart beat into a cruel and silent dictatorship. In its close and minutely explored world Tin Bucket Drum takes a broad swipe at age old global systems of restriction enforced for personal gain by those in power and the way these restrictions affect the man or woman on the ground. Above all it looks rather optimistically at the power of creativity. GROUP EXHIBITION TOP UP INSIDE OUT Curated by Thulani Zondo Gallery 26 AUGUST23 SEPTEMBER Ubuhle Bobuntu Arts focuses on Green Art and eco-logic as a means to reduce the negative impact of wastefulness on the earths eco-systems. These 12 artists repurpose materials such as bread rubber tyres matchsticks plastic cow dung hair extensions and cans. FESTIVAL THATSO QUEER Various venues FROM 07 SEPTEMBER 2000 In keeping with UJs core values of imagination regeneration conversation and an ethical foundation THATSOQUEER reminds us that regardless of our race gender religious convictions or sexuality we have a moral obligation not only to honour who we are but more importantly to respect and celebrate diversity Prof. Federico Freschi TSQ Ambassador. SOLO EXHIBITION TITUS MATIYANES PANORAMAS 7 OCTOBER 11 NOVEMBER Curated by Prof. Elfriede Dreyer Titus Matiyane is a Pretoria-based artist internationally known for his panoramic depictions of major cities around the world and his show at UJ will focus on the capitals of the BRICS countries. COMPETITION UJ CAN YOU SING SEMI-FINALS 07 OCTOBER 1930 FINALS 22 OCTOBER 1930 COMPETITION UJ CAN YOU DANCE Arts Centre Theatre SEMI-FINALS 08 OCTOBER 1930 FINALS 15 OCTOBER 1930 COMPETITION MUSO CLASH OF THE BANDS FINAL ROUND Arts Centre Theatre 13 OCTOBER 1930 MUSIC UJ CHOIR ALUMNI CELEBRATION CONCERT Sanlam Auditorium 23 OCTOBER 2000 AWARDS UJ DIGNITAS AWARDS Arts Centre and piazza 30 OCTOBER 1930 The UJ Alumni Dignitas Awards celebrate the achievements of UJ alumni by honouring those individuals who have excelled in their respective fields. The Latin word dignitas refers to the almost physical aura that surrounds a person once he or she has fulfilled an important task. It therefore has the implied meanings of deserving merit and worthiness. Graduates from the former RAU and TWR are incorporated into UJ Alumni integrating a proud heritage as part of the Universitys future successes.