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above the music and closer to the audience with the way the orchestra pit is recessed beneath the stage. This is intended to form a lift that operates between pit and stage levels. Ordinarily the pit is covered with portable floor sections. However this was not feasible for this venue. Portable floor sections take at least an hour and a half to place is a noisy process and has the safety consideration of a partially filled pit which means the venue would then be unavailable for others for the duration. Its also impractical for staging a lunchtime concert when it would need to be covered and then holding an evening performance where it would need to be open. So what may have initially seemed like an extravagance actually allows a changeover of less than a minute which frees the venue for additional purposes and more frequent changeovers if needed. The lift also mitigates the costly need to move the piano between the stage and pit which almost always requires the piano to be retuned and costly piano movers. Did you know you can only drop a piano once So if UJ had gone with the traditional choice chances are at some point it would need to claim on the pianos insurance which is hellishly expensive by the way it makes sense then that it opted for the safer option rather than run the risk of forking out R2.5 million for a brand-new concert grand DONT FORGET THE AUDIENCES COMFORT Everything in the centre is placed in such a way that it enhances and complements something else. It is with the above factors in mind that the seating was split into two levels continued Above UJ Arts Centre building the dream Photo UJ Arts Centre