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48 books BOOKS C.A. Davids 2005 K Sello Duiker the gifted writer who wrote the hauntingly beautiful The Quiet Violence of Dreams and Thirteen Cents tragically ends his own life. Duikers path- breaking style goes on to become a form of South African letters that will be echoed by several more writers. John van de Ruits first novel about a young boy in a private school Spud makes an appearance. The first of four novels the series will go on to sell more than half a million copies in South Africa alone a South African best seller qualifies with a mere 2 000 sales. Spud the feature film is released in 2010 starring John Cleese and debuts at number 1 at the local box office. 2006 Two women writers grab our attention this year Mary Watson wins the 2006 Caine Prize for short fiction for Jungfrau from her evocative debut collection of short stories Moss published by Kwela Books. Before the SOUTH AFRICAN WRITERS HAVE BEEN BUSY THESE PAST TEN YEARS PERHAPS BUSIER THAN EVER REDRAWING THE MAP OF SA FICTION. WHILE WE HAVE LOST SOME OF OUR MOST ACCLAIMED WRITERS MANY WHO SAID THE UNSAYABLE WHEN IT WAS UNPOPULAR TO DO SO WE HAVE ALSO EXPERIENCED AND READ THE FICTION OF NEW WRITERS CAPABLE OF FORGING DIFFERENT BUT NO LESS BLAZING PATHWAYS FOR SOUTH AFRICAN LITERATURE. HERE ARE SOME NOTABLE EVENTS FROM THE PAST TEN YEARS. year is out Zukiswa Wanner launches The Madams an entertaining social critique that neatly subverts the status quo. In this same year South African born JM Coetzee amongst the worlds most celebrated living writers as well as a Nobel Laureate becomes an Australian citizen commenting only that Leaving a country is in some respects like the break up of a marriage. It is an intimate matter. 2007 Agaat by Marlene van Niekerk wins both the Sunday Times Literary Prize and the Hertzog Prize in this year. Van Niekerks second novel explores the fraught relationship between Milla a white woman and her maid Agaat once again interrogating the delicate balance of power that resides in many of South Africas fraught interracial associations. In this year Kopano Matlwas debut novel Coconut wins the European Union Literary Award a South African debut novel prize. 2008 Another talented South African female writer wins the African Canine Prize for short fiction. Well-known local author Henrietta Rose-Innis takes the award for her story Poison which also won the HSBCSA Pens award published in African Pens adjudicated by one JM Coetzee. Deon Meyer South Africas most popular crime writer with books that will go on to be translated into 27 languages starts his full-time writing career in this year. 2009 One of South Africas favourite and perhaps most forthright novelists Imraan Coovadia releases High Low In Between which goes on to win the Sunday Times Literary Prize the following year. High Low In Between Coovadias third novel followed the publications of The Wedding and Green-eyed