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55 Music and number crunching may seem like the unlikeliest of bedfellows but not to UJ lecturer Garth Barnes. In addition to the time he spends moulding young minds here in the Department of Accounting hes also an established performer on the local music scene with his band CrashCarBurn and somehow finds time to DJ too. For Garth it all began after matriculating from Greenside High School. At the same time that he joined the ranks of school leavers flocking to various tertiary institutes around South Africa he was also entering the local rock scene having picked up the guitar and my first year varsity textbooks at the same time. After completing his BCom he took a gap year between his Honours degree and articles to focus on music full time a journey that ultimately took him overseas. At this point the band in which he was playing really began to take off. Thankfully Garth admits that always being lucky to work for understanding employers has meant he hasnt been forced to choose between being a musician and an accountant or lecturer. Hes had the space to pursue both avenues he says years of effort and a slow migration towards positioning himself to be able to pursue both avenues has resulted in an interesting blend of occupations lecturer by day rock star by night. I think thats a part of living a rewarding life. Slowly moving towards a place where you are able to find time for all the facets that interest you and grow you as a person. And achieving this is no different from the rest of us who subscribe to a more 9-to-5 kind of life. Like everyone else Garth wakes up and goes to work. And while some of us streak out the office to make a gym class or supper club he heads off to record music at the studio. He concedes that he doesnt rely on an income from the music and for this reason is still able to cherry pick where and when he wants to perform. While it may seem as though hes burning the candle at both ends Garth doesnt feel that hes stretching himself too thin in fact he strongly believes that his musical passion enhances the everyday work he does It will actually enhance your performance in the workplace rather than detract from it. At the same time I have to do my part. I make sure I never drop the ball at work by managing my time well. As a professional you need to realise that people are counting on you to fulfill your responsibilities and I would never abuse that trust. For those who also aspire to successfully straddle two lifestyles he advises you to enjoy what you do you need to do something or some things that will keep you interested for many decades or you will lose the motivation needed to sustain yourself through several occupations. Garth also says that although talent is important to flourish as a musician perseverance is just as essential. THE DOUBLE LIFE OF AN ACCOUNTING LECTURER AND ROCK BAND FRONT MAN Nadia Pisanti Left CrashCarBurn Photo Supplied continued