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51 The Annual UJ Dignitas awards celebrate and recognise individuals at the pinnacle of their careers. Since 2005 these awards have celebrated the achievements of thirty UJ alumni who have excelled in their respective fields. UJ has over 200 000 alumni all across the world. They represent UJs generations of accomplishment. Created from a merger process in 2005 UJ has a large pool of alumni from its legacy institutions the former Rand Afrikaans University RAU the Technikon Witwatersrand TWR and Vista University East Rand and Soweto campuses. The Latin word dignitas refers to the almost physical aura that surrounds a person once he or she has fulfilled an important task. With these awards UJ recognises and honours alumni who have made significant contributions to UJ to a specific field of study or to their community people who are a reflection of what UJ has to offer. Nominations are open to the alumni community and the staff at the Universitys nine faculties. These nominations are then considered by a committee headed by Vice-Chancellor Prof. Ihron Rensburg and narrowed down to the group of accomplished and deserving achievers. Last years recipients include Judge Lebotsang Bosielo who received a Dignitas Award for his contribution to South African law Mr Clifford Ross who was recognised for his achievement and contribution to the hospitality industry in South Africa and visual artist Mary Sibande who obtained her bachelors degree in Technology Fine Art from UJ. After completing his bachelors degree at the University of Limpopo Judge Bosielo obtained his MA Law degree and a diploma in Advanced Corporate Law from UJs legacy institution Rand Afrikaans Universiteit. Following a successful career as an attorney partner and advocate he progressed to become a High Limited edition prints of illustrations by artist and designer Annelize Thomas were commissioned as gifts for the guests of the Dignitas Awards. A selection of the illustrations was also reprinted as special UJ10 commemorative posters for UJ staff earlier this year. From left to right Dreams Dreams depicts a dreamlike space in which an everyday object comes to life and takes flight. The stark geometric lines of origami birds contrast with organic curves of the Hoopoe bird indicative of breaking out of the ordinary and moving towards the extraordinary. Unlocking knowledge Unlocking Knowledge metaphorically depicts UJs global presence in which the full potential of the globe and its resources is unlocked through the foundation UJ offers. Dreams The UJ Madibeng building on the Kingsway Campus is subverted with a new context of possibility by transforming its two key pillars into baobab trees. Manifesting stability steady growth and strength these trees are more than pillars they symbolise development. Rooted in Africa and through the establishment of UJ they extend beyond their required heights radiating into the world. Illustrator Annelize Thomas continued