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49 Thieves as well as a controversial book of essays Transformations. Thando Mqolozana comes to our attention when his debut novel A Man Who Is Not a Man receives critical success and goes on to be long-listed for an International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. Another startling debut writer emerges from the European Union Literary Award when Zinaid Meeran wins for Saracen at the Gates in his tale about Zakira a Johannesburg-based curry mafia princess. 2010 Zukiswa Wanner launches her second novel Men of the South to as many accolades as The Madams her first work received four years earlier. Also during 2010 Kwela Books publishes Sifizo Mzobes Young Blood about a young man caught in an underworld of drugs and crime. The book goes on to win several awards including the Sunday Times Literary Prize 2011 and the Wole Soyinka Prize for Literature in Africa. 2011 Craig Higginson playwright teacher and novelist releases his novel The Landscape Painter which goes on to win the University of Johannesburg Prize for Literature in 2012. It is also another year for great debut performances and Yewande Omotosos Bom Boy is released by Modjaji Books while Shubnum Khans Onion Tears is published by Penguin short-listed for the Penguin Prize for African Writing in 2010. Lauren Beukes steps onto the world stage to collect an Arthur C Clarke award for science fiction for Zoo City a futuristic tale set in downtown Johannesburg. 2012 Zakes Mda one of South Africas most prolific writers is presented with an honorary doctorate at The University of Cape Town for his contributions to world literature. Mda has written an astounding twenty-eight works including plays novels and a memoir. His novels include Ways of Dying and The Madonna of Excelsior. Patrick Flanery an American by birth writes a seething and beautiful novel about South Africa under apartheid and the pain that lingers when Absolution is published in this year. 2013 Zoe Wicomb a writer often thought to be better appreciated outside of South Africas borders is acknowledged with the lucrative and inaugural WindhamCampbell Literature Prize conferring a gift of 150 000. Photo Micah Naidoo CA Davids Wicombs books include You Cant Get Lost in Cape Town Davids Story Playing in the Light and October. In this same year Lauren Beukes publishes the Shining Girls to great international fanfare and immediate acclaim. Harper Collins wins the publishing rights to the novel following a bidding war. Before the book hits the shelves in the United States of America MRC and Appian Way Leonardo DiCaprios production company snaps up the television rights to The Shining Girls. 2014 Nadine Gordimer one of South Africas most acclaimed writers a Nobel Laureate and an activist with an unwavering conscience passes away on July 13 at the age of 90. Gordimer who wrote more than a dozen works of fiction as well as short stories and essays was fiercely outspoken against apartheid resulting in many of her works being banned in her home country. She remained critical of continuing injustices after apartheid and campaigned against the ANC- dominated governments Information Act. New voices in fiction abound in the form of Nadia Davids The Reactives Masande Ntshanga and Jaco van Schalkwyk. 2015 The year has barely begun when the news breaks that Andr Brink has suddenly passed away and makes its way around South Africa. Brink who wrote both in English and Afrikaans was a member of Die Sestigers an Afrikaans literary movement spawned by a generation of writers including Ingrid Jonker and Breyten Breytenbach who sought to use Afrikaans to criticise the National Party and apartheid. Brink leaves an immense body of work including dozens of novels plays essays and other academic publications. Highly regarded Johannesburg author Ivan Vladislavic receives international recognition when the WindhamCampbell Literature Prize is conferred on him. He also takes up a teaching post at the University of Witwatersrand.