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58 GROUP EXHIBITION ART IN THE TIME OF DEMOCRACY Curated by Gordon Froud Gallery 01 JULY05 AUGUST 2015 A slice of South African existence through contemporary art exploring social land reform HIV Aids and resistance art juxtaposed against positive aspects like the Mandela legacy and the influence of traditional craft on contemporary South African art. KULTCHA KALENDA FESTIVAL NATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL GRAHAMSTOWN 0212 JULY The National Arts Festival is the biggest annual celebration of the arts on the African continent. The Festival consists of a Main and Fringe programme comprising drama dance physical theatre comedy opera music jazz visual art exhibitions film student theatre street theatre lectures craft fair workshops tours of the city and surrounding historic places and a childrens arts festival. DRAMA WHAT THE WATER GAVE ME By Rehane Abrahams Directed by Jade Bowers Featuring Cherae Halley St. Andrews Hall Grahamstown 06 JULY 1230 07 JULY 1830 08 JULY 2230 10 JULY 1630 11 JULY 1430 A tale of colliding darkness and despair but ultimately redemptive and transformative WHAT THE WATER GAVE ME is the recipient of a Silver Ovation award at the 2015 National Arts Festival and Naledi Awards nomination for Best Production Cutting Edge. Robyn Sassen describes the work which uncovers the stories of four characters and a storyteller who deftly weaves their worlds together as a beautiful tale of spice horror and colourful fish. DANCE TOYITOYI Choreographed by Kieron Jina Centenary Hall Grahamstown 08 JULY 1000 09 JULY 1200 10 JULY 1600 11 JULY 1930 11 JULY 1930 UJ Con Cowan Theatre 29 JULY01 AUGUST A celebratory performance piece incorporating dance video and sound design. In a time when corruption has become the norm we are empowered to express our dissatisfaction with the status quo through mass movement. This is the toyi-toyi a form of rebellion that embraces diversity creativity decentralisation horizontality and direct action. Experience this ancient form of cultural expression reborn and remixed for 21st-century South Africa. DRAMA HORROR STORY By Greg MacArthur Directed by Alby Michaels Rehearsal Room Grahamstown 10 JULY 1900 11 JULY 1600 UJ Con Cowan Theatre FROM 26 AUGUST 2000 Twoteenageboysmysteriouslygo missingfromasmalltowninthe FreeState.Theirbodiesarenever found.TwentyyearslaterNoah andWyatttwo16-year-oldsliving inthesuburbsofJohannesburg attendascreeningofabrutally graphichorrorfilmbasedonthese supposedlytrueevents.Becoming increasinglyobsessedwiththe movieNoahandWyattdecideto makeapilgrimagetothesitewhere theactualmurderstookplaceto uncoverthetruthbehindthemyth.