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09 Above Anastasia Pather Left Melissa Goba Photos Supplied my mediums gold leaf and paint often helping me problem solve leaving a visual mind map of where my fingers have been. I would not have guessed that Conference Project Manager and finger painter would officially make up my career title and I am uncertain what strange adjectives or nouns will make up my title next year. In the meantime being able to surround myself with a choir of powerful female voices such as Didintle Ntsie Alexandrina Hemsley and Dr Narissa Ramdhani Hlonipha Mokoena and Anthea Moys was an absolute privilege that I cannot help but think will colour my thoughts moving forward. Anastasia Patheris a reluctant artist finger painter female and project managerforthe Arts Culture Trust. Although stubbornly opinionated she is concerned with the surface and how context affects the reading of the superficial. Patheris constantlytransfixed bythe poetic complexities of gold leaf and Johannesburg and committed to supporting the sustainability ofthe South African art landscape.