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08 This year the Arts Culture Trust ACT and UJ Art Culture presented the fourth instalment of the ACT UJ Arts and Culture Conference. Titled creativeintersections the conference resolved around a rubric of interdisciplinarity delivering an interactive experience and boasting a diverse programme that fused the practical with the theoretical After finishing a fine arts degree I had no finite plan forward. Unlike my peers accounting firms were not frantically trying to woo me nor were gallery doors flung open with bare walls anticipating my arrival. Abandoning art was never an option for me as art was never something I took on but rather something that unwillingly grew with me like a limb. Somehow I had to find an intersection between art and being an artist while still affording my aspirations. When underappreciated maths educators explain that trigonometry and even worse calculus is actually about teaching you logic leading you into an eye roll I beg you to roll those eyes back. Problem-solving and lateral thinking can be argued as one of the cornerstones of entrepreneurship and in a modern creative world where hustle is a universal language being a savvy entrepreneur is indispensable. Interdisciplinarity is a lot like an equation where techniques and logic are borrowed and adapted from one of two circles to form a new shade in your Venn diagram. creativeintersections was about unpacking interdisciplinarity with the objective to inform affect or uplift individual practice. Coincidentally the opportunity to manage a conference that celebrates the unconventional grey areas in practice came at a particularly grey and unconventional time in my career. Career and title are loaded concepts for me as I moved from being the conference intern to being the project manager all within a year. I have learnt that despite the salary bump and the continuous stress of being responsible for partner budgets and partner reputations the activities of the job revolved around being able to improvise delegate and constantly problem solve all concepts I frequently consult while finger painting. I delegate tone and agency to THE UNIVERSAL HUSTLE Anastasia Pather OVERLAPPING CIRCLES INTERSECTING LINES AND A NETWORK OF CONNECTING DOTS I AM A VISUAL THINKER SO THE WORDS CREATIVE INTERSECTIONS MANIPULATE THIS FREQUENTLY-DISTRACTED MULTI- INTERESTED WRITER INTO ENDLESS AND ELABORATE CONTEMPLATIONS.